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Designing smart, connected and powerful products is a complex task, and building products and experiences has grown to include a huge range of design disciplines such as the industrial design, interactions, graphics, interfaces, algorithms, services, and business models. Todays products has to be designed in a way that expands their functionality, reliability, product utilization, and capabilities, all while incorporating hardware, embedded software, cloud services, and human touch points.

Our team of designers are dedicated to help our customers win more business by creating new and better value through innovation and realization of products. We create new meanings enabled by smart connected solutions, where physical meets digital and human meets artificial. 

Our team of designers have years of experience from designing product solutions for some of the toughest markets out there. Design has always been our master tool and we can imagine the end result and risks along the way, working backward to figure out the steps to always get to the right place. For us product design is a way not only to fashion smart products but to create an effective connected system for your users. Together as a team we offer and combine a variety of design disciplines, including industrial, UX, service, brand, color strategies, material choice and communications.

    Industrial Design
    Industrial Design


    One of the key strengths in our team is collaboration with all disciplines in product development. Through tight collaboration with our other in-house labs we allow new ideas to be successfully introduced, brands to genuinely come to life, and products to become real. We have a unique ability to build proof-of-concepts which fast-forward into the future to experience your finished product and customer reactions. By cooperating with our engineers and manufacturing specialists, we help you discover, define and realize the future relevance of your brand and product, all before making expensive commitments.


    Due to reasons of confidentiality, our experience design lab can only show and discuss portfolio and case studies on an individual basis at this time. 

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    Henrik Jensfelt Head of Design

    Henrik Jensfelt

    Head of Design