DevOps Engineer


The Software design department within Sigma Connectivity is expanding and we are looking for a DevOps engineer to join our team. This is a new role that will be part of the development department, which today consists of more than a hundred software engineers including consultants and is divided into agile development teams.

As DevOps Engineer, your primary focus will be on running and maintaining our internal server cluster. You will also support the agile development teams by being responsible for running and maintaining the continuous integration services used during development process.

Examples of possible tasks:

  • Planning and executing internal server farm infrastructures
  • Maintenance of both OS and services
  • Configuration Management
  • Network (TCP/IP, UDP, DNS, DHCP)
  • Supporting teams in test automation
  • Continuous integration / delivery and pipelines
  • Integrating static code analysis tools to continous delivery process (ex. Coverity, Fortify)
  • Automation and Infrastructure Automation Processes
  • Security analysis in applications and networks
  • Inform the agile teams about changes/updates in the system
  • Support for developers and testers

Basic Qualifications:

  • To succeed in this role we think that you as person are self-driven, responsible and have excellent communication skills.Strong insight in Linux OS
  • Experience in CI tools like Jenkins
  • Experience in versioning and reviewing tools like Git and Gerrit
  • Good scripting skills (bash, Python)
  • An IT security mindset

Preferred additional skills, personal traits and experience: 

Some positive extras Windows server Git branching strategies


To apply go to Profiler, create an account and upload your CV: PROFILER

If you have any questions regarding the job please send an email to Susanne Wieslander at

About us:

At Sigma Connectivity you will be a part of creating cutting edge technology through innovation and engineering craftsmanship while working with world leading brands and customers. Innovation is in our DNA and with a wide range of competences we rapidly design, build and deploy smarter connected experiences. The Connectivity culture is all about sharing experiences and knowledge to deliver tomorrow’s solutions, products and experiences.

As we are entering a new ‘golden age’ of technology innovation, where remarkable advances are going to take place, we foster creative work environments where we treat all people as individuals but we always think and act as a team while challenging ourselves to grow within our roles.

Today we have more than 300 dedicated colleagues around the world, and cultural differences are considered an advantage promoting quality, good results and strong values.

“We share a vision of a better tomorrow where everything is connected. Where man, machine and environment can grow and live together in interdependent harmony. Some call this the Internet of Things, but for us it’s just the everyday theme of all that we do.”  Björn Lundqvist, CEO


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