Embedded Software Architects and Senior Developers


The Software design department within Sigma Connectivity is expanding and now we are looking for embedded software developers.

Sigma Connectivity is a unique consultant company:

  • Sigma Connectivity has most of the projects in-house, which means your colleagues are around you even though you change assignment.
  • We are more of a design house than a traditional consultant company. We are focusing on delivering solutions to our customers through packing our competence. 
  • We have the hardware and software knowledge and enough equipment to build and test complete products in-house.
  • Our focus is on connectivity, and with us you will have the possibility to work for some of the most demanding connectivity customers available, with highly motivated and skilled developers and testers in the team.
  • You will also have access to cutting edge technology through our close cooperation with platform vendors and 3rd party companies.
  • The Sigma Connectivity culture is about sharing experiences and knowledge and we will encourage you to develop and grow your competence and skill with new challenges

We are looking for different profiles, but within embedded software

  • System Engineer/Architect. You are senior, have the wholistic view, know what works and not, understand products from the hardware connections up to the User Interface, as well as the different building blocks in between to make up an embedded system. You are good explaining and appreciate close customer interaction. 
  • Senior Developer. You have worked with embedded systems more than 7 years, probably in different parts of the system and in different roles. You have deep in knowledge one or several of the languages/frameworks/tools in the technical areas list below. 

Technical areas:

  • Android framework

  • Device driver development
  • Embedded C/C++
  • Linux
  • Real time operating systems
  • Open source tools like Git, Gerrit, Jenkins
  • Connectivity standards like Bluetooth, ZigBee, NFC, LTE and Wi-Fi
  • Debuggers like J-Link, ST-Link, Lauterbach, Trace32, Ozone and IAR Embedded Workbench
  • Measuring instruments like oscilloscope and logic analyzers

Personal profile:

We appreciate that different individuals have different personality and contribute with different aspects. But everybody will have customer contacts to a certain level and needs to feel comfortable in that role. We are true to our slogan You will never work alone, and ability to work smoothly in teams with colleagues, customers, suppliers and other contacts are important. 

If you want to join the most competitive consultant company in the region, you are welcome to send your application to Patric Helm, Patric.Helm@sigma.se.