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Knowing the root cause is fundamental in solving a problem. When your product fails to perform as expected we help you identify the root cause and provide you with the right insights to solve the problem, take action and prevent recurrence. We help you detect possible failures all the way from the prototype phase until your last unit leaves the factory.

Our lab has the equipment, skillsets and extensive competence, both in hardware test and test development, to ensure that your product is up for all future challenges.
With a wide range of failure tests we find weaknesses in the design in an early stage and evaluate the severity.

We help you conduct analyses on failed engineering components and products, discover why they fail and troubleshoot the found issues. For failure analysis and component inspection we offer X-ray and microscopy inspection

Dye & Pry combined with Micro Sectioning is used to detect failures and verify the failure mode/mechanism on board level.

    Failure analysis
    Failure analysis


    As root cause failure analysis usually is a multidisciplinary process we always make sure to work in close collaboration with our other in –house labs to conduct environmental, chemical and simulation tests. This way we make sure that all aspects are considered, analyzed and documented in order to initiate product improvements and propose corrected actions. A fail safe for all products.

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