Bills of materials can be lengthy and you need to effectively manage every stage of the supply chain and provide traceability.

Production lines setup, trim and calibrate, test and final flash -  sound familiar? If you believe that the development process ends with getting your product to the market, you could face complications. What about scaling up, producing high volumes and minimizing yield loss? We have extensive experience when it comes to industrialization and have put thousands of products through production lines all over the world. With a heritage of bringing more than 100 million mobile phones and wearables, some produced in more than 20 million units, to global markets we can help you with ramp-ups, production, supply chain management and other things related to medium/high volume production.


What can we do for you?

With some of the best sourcing and supply specialists in the world, we can help you with everything from building fixtures to handle the toughest procurement practice. Together with you we look at your needs and help you find, evaluate and engage with suppliers in order to acquiring components and services in the shortest time, for the best price. Using our extensive knowledge, we help you maintain quality, give you trust and confidence, maintain your supply chain, and act as your extended, scalable and flexible manufacturing & operations partner. We help you secure your manufacturing capacity & capability, including key partner selection such as with EMS partners and suppliers. 

Key Contact

Haisam Moussa Sales Representative & Business Development Middle East

Haisam Moussa

Sales Representative & Business Development EMEA
+46 702 508 097

David Hallberg Sales & Business Development

David Hallberg

Sales & Business Development
+46 705 72 64 46