A powerful computer vision IoT sensor in a very small form factor.


The Modcam project is a great example of how Sigma Connectivity help companies bring their hardware to market.

Together with the team at Modcam, Sigma Connectivity has developed their MOD.01 sensor: a sensor that uses computer vision to determine movements and profiles of visitors, anonymously. In order to develop a device that can analyze complex data from video, it’s important to have great hardware and through collaboration with their engineers we designed the internals of the Modcam device, which included the following: Designing PCB, mechanics and fixtures. We also worked with them to develop the android software to bring the device to life. Finally we supported them throughout industrialization and certification of the device.

”The tight collaboration between the MOD.CAM and Sigma Connectivity teams throughout the design process was a key driver of this success.”  – Andreas Nordgren, CEO Modcam



Modcam is a computer vision company based in Malmö, founded in 2013. Modcam’s intelligent vision solution collects and analyses rich visual information in real-time with a smart visual sensor. The initial applications are making detailed analysis of movement patterns of people flows in retail and office environments. 

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Key Contact

Ola Lilja Senior Director Sales

Ola Lilja

Senior Director Sales