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With more and more products today being a combination of hardware and software, firmware and embedded software development has become a fundamental part of the development process,  requiring experienced and competent specialists that excel in quality and understanding of product complexity.  

With the tremendous growth of smart products, the need for firmware, embedded system design engineers increases rapidly. At Sigma Connectivity our teams of engineers and developers provide complete technology solutions and turnkey services for software development, with extensive knowledge in low-level software, firmware and embedded development under different environments, assuring shorter time to market, design robustness and scalability.

We have proven skills and diverse expertise in producing efficient, maintainable and robust software code with core functionalities to secure things such as: device drivers, security, diagnostics and much more. We also ensure that we always deliver high-performance and reliable products, we pay close attention to each and every detail of the solution, making sure all the system components are seamlessly interconnected, tested, validated and that the system architecture is coherently optimized.

Embedded Firmware


By working in close collaboration and cross-functional teams with all in-house labs at Sigma Connectivity we pride ourselves as a reliable partner for building powerful wireless electronic solutions, devices, and low-level components that enable innovation.

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Eduardo Gonzalez Sales Engineer

Eduardo Gonzalez

Sales Engineer
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