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Our skilled engineers have over hundred years of combined experience in rapid prototyping and quality assurance in a number of disciplines. This combined with a state-of-the-art machinery and tool setup will guarantee fast and accurate results. No matter whether you are looking for a quick 3D print, a complete mechanical proof of concept or re-work on an existing product, we have the tools and competence to help you.


Through rapid prototyping we turn your idea into a proof of concept and help bring your products to market faster than ever before.
At the prototype lab we bring your CAD files to life with 3D printed concept models, enabling you to experience your product, do iterative proof-of-concept testing and test functionality long before you enter the full blown production phase. With a fully equipped and custom built rapid prototyping lab we also combine 3D printing or additive manufacturing technologies with conventional CNC milling, and low-volume molding, to rapidly meet the needs of any possible design team out there. Using our flex and antenna skills together with analysis tools for hardware prototypes we have the ability to, within hours, produce flex films and PCBs from CAD system input.

One major advantage in using our high quality, rapid prototyping lab is that your designers, engineers or board of directors can view, asses, future proof your product and validate it in real world environments.


Besides creating complex prototypes we also work with micro electronics. Our teams have extensive experience from working with micro BGA handling, complex rework and BGA mounting. By using specialized soldering and de-soldering equipment we will provide you with cost effective and efficient PCB re-work services. We will identify board defects, component failures, rectify result and deliver a technical report clearly outlining defects and possible rectifications.
The team is also fully equipped to help you with the whole component and SMT rework including BGA and QFN removal and replacement. And to top it all off, we also have the equipment to X-ray boards to identify specific failures.

    Advanced Prototyping
    Advanced Prototyping


    Our engineers always work in close collaboration with representatives from other expertise areas to define, design, develop and help you bring a product to market that delivers higher products satisfaction. Using the close access to our other in-house labs we can interact with all areas of expertise throughout the entire development and test cycle.

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