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Uncover opportunities and reach success within the digital future.


In our Smart Studio we work in multidisciplinary teams, gathering experts from all areas to help you cope with theoretical challenges and identify tangible opportunities. With experience, passion and top of the line engineering craftsmanship, we work collaboratively with our customer to create smart, connected products that create new user experiences.

If you have an idea or see an opportunity but don’t know how and where to start? Joining our Smart Studio would be a great place to start. 


What can we do for you?

After mapping out your business landscape, identifying the industry trends along with user insights we are able to look at possible solution from all angles. This means that we can strategically approach any project, already having the answer to what, why and how? 

But our Smart Studio is not only defining strategies and being creative.  With our abilities to rapidly design and build advanced prototypes in-house, we have the unique capability to bring your idea to proof-of-concept while testing, updating and improving the solution along the way.  

Our goal is to deliver a fully functional prototype, for you to bring back to the office, show the board or management, and test for real use-cases. If you then wish to continue the journey and create a fully functional product for a commercial launch, we follow you all the way until the end with our Post-it to product offer.

Key Contact

Henrik Jensfelt Head of Design

Henrik Jensfelt

Head of Design