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Perceiving sound is purely an immediate analog and physical thing. However, creating sound to suit all ears is a long and digital process. Sound contributes to a user’s perception of a product or solution and can affect its acceptability, function and perceived quality or workmanship. Sound can enhance as well as reduce the user experience.

In our Sound lab we help you develop and test products, and solutions, for different and complex acoustic challenges. Our engineers have extensive know-how in designing complex sound experiences for multiple industries and deliver end-to-end expertise to help you go to market with game-changing products and solutions. With state-of-the-art lab equipment we equipped to measure audio interfaces both analog and digital according to most audio industry standards and operator requirement specifications.

The cornerstone of the Sound Lab, apart from our skilled engineers, is the walk-in anechoic chamber (ISO 3745) which facilitates acoustic testing of all types of sounds that electronic devices create or record. In the chamber, we can test sound in an endless variety of conditions. If you want quiet, we make sure your product is just as silent as you need it to be. And we make sure that the sound, or silence, is up to the specifications and requirement of industry standards.

We also measure electro-acoustic transducers during all phases of a product’s development from unproven raw components to a completed audio experience in market-ready devices.

    Audio and Accoustics


    Our engineers always work in close collaboration with representatives from other expertise areas to define, design, develop and help you bring a product to market that not only sound better but also delivers higher products satisfaction. Using the close access to our other in-house labs we can interact with all areas of expertise throughout the entire development and test cycle.


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