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The world is entering a new ‘golden age’ of technology innovation, where the most remarkable advances are going to take place. Throughout all industries applications are making a shift from wired into wireless communication and the smart advanced wireless solutions that used to be the future has become reality.

In our wireless lab we help you identify the best technologies to support expected coverage, data transmission, power consumption and cost of your product. Through conducted and radiated testing we are able to secure performance in your product/solution.

Our engineers have extensive experience from wireless product development with outstanding results in areas such telecoms & mobile, satellite communications and connected devices. We have worked with development of antennas for wearable devices, where form-factor restrictions are prevalent and performance is challenging, including interactions with the human body.

Wireless communication is simply in our genes regardless if we are talking local connectivity or cellular technologies. We are not tied to any particular wireless standard, but rather familiar with them all. Shouldn’t any off-the –shelf solutions be enough, don’t worry, we aren’t afraid of bending the standards to create a new one.

Together with our experienced engineers we have access to state-of-the-art equipment where we can conduct all conducted and radiated measurements in-house and quickly assist in corrective actions and design changes.



    Our engineers always work in close collaboration with representatives from other expertise areas to define, design, develop and help you bring a product to market that delivers higher products satisfaction. Using the close access to our other in-house labs we can interact with all areas of expertise throughout the entire development and test cycle.

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    Eduardo Gonzalez

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